67-53-5 on the NFL up 30.53 units

Colts had a chance to backdoor cover but they found another penalty. I have never seen a team with so many costly 5 yard penalties in a playoff game. That is pre-season shit. C’Mon Man to every Colt that committed a penalty. The scoreline looked like a big win for the Chiefs, but that game was close. Indy has a bright future, especially if they sign Bell…

The Rams pushed the over with their big 17 point second quarter. A healthy Gurley is fun to watch, but CJ Anderson has been great over the past few weeks as well. I’m not mad at my Panthers for releasing him. We have Christian McCaffrey. I’m not mad. I’m not mad. Anderson was just my fill-in for Mike Tolbert in my love life and now I realize how much I miss Mike Tolbert. 

Los Angeles Chargers +4 (+6.5) and New Orleans Saints -8 (+6.5) 2 Team (6.5 point) Teaser – risking 5 units to win 4 units. I haven’t lost a NFL teaser all season…. this is my second one. Let’s go down memory road, I bet the Chargers on the road as underdogs against the Seahawks and Browns earlier this year and won. Then, I bet on the Steelers at home against the Chargers, Chargers came back from down 2 touchdowns. Then, I bet on the Chiefs at home against the Chargers, Chargers came back from down 2 touchdowns and then they complete the 2-point conversion. Needless to say, I am done betting against the Chargers. Bill Belichick is 6-1 against coaches in their first postseason, but I am not betting against the Chargers. San Diego will keep it within double digits and possibly win.

Are the Saints the team to end Big Dick Nick’s amazing playoff run? Yes. New Orleans has allowed 17 points a game and has 16 takeaways since week 10. That’s good. Drew Brees has never lost a home playoff game. Kamara and Thomas have been relatively quiet towards the end of the season… they eat today.

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