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70-62-2 on NCAAB last season and went up 8.95 units

11-12-1 this season up 0.48 units

Gonzaga -13 at -115 for 3 units. The Zags have put up crazy good numbers this season, averaging 91.4 points and over 18.5 assists. They have beat WCC opponents by an average of 30 points a game. BYU is a WCC opponent. Rui Hachimura is good. BYU doesn’t have a standout player like they have in the past (Jimmer or Kyle Collinsworth). Yoeli Childs is a great forward for BYU, but he still has a lot to do to be on Collinsworth or Jimmer’s level. BYU doesn’t have the depth of talent to keep up with Gonzaga.. even at home.


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