Patriots Owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution through a Florida Day Spa. Day Spa. Day. D-A-I-Y-E. Okay?Image result for day spa zoolander gif

The 8-month investigation has garnered charges against over 100 different men and women. The big one is Robert Kraft. Sex slavery is a terrible thing to still be happening in 2019 America. How would building a wall stop Hua Zhang from importing prostitutes for Robert Kraft to use Donald? is a question I’d like to ask Trump. They are unwilling illegal immigrants.

TC Palm reports “the NFL owner was charged with paying for sexual services”. I don’t think this is enough to force Kraft to sell his beloved New England Revolution Patriots franchise, but I’ll let the NFL “can’t decide what is right and wrong unless there is a video” morality police decide on that one.

The TC Palm went on to say: “The owner of that spa, Hua Zhang, 58, of Winter Garden, was arrested and charged with deriving support from the proceeds of prostitution, keeping and frequenting a house of prostitution and 26 counts of procuring for prostitution.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder believe women in the spas were supplied by human traffickers with ties to China and New York.

Millions began to be seized and about 300 arrest warrants were issued this week in connection with the 10 spas.”

Cue the deflated balls jokes…

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