92-78-9 on Soccer in 2018 up 8.17 units

28-23-6 on Soccer in 2019 down 17.56 units

Barcelona at +142 for 7 units.

Barcelona to advance at -131 for 9 units. One team has Messi and one doesn’t. Real Madrid tied the first leg at Camp Nou 1-1, but Messi didn’t start. Messi started against Sevilla this past weekend… Here is a video of Messi’s highlights in that game. I’m convinced Tommy Wiseau, Messi, and Giannis Antetokounmpo are from different planets.


Speaking of form, Real Madrid are in solid form. They have won 11 and lost 3 this calendar year. Casemiro, Kroos, and Modric are still one of the best midfields in the World. There are a couple reasons I don’t like Madrid today: Ajax were able to press Real Madrid to death in the first half of their Champions League game. Ajax had nothing but an offsides goal and a strike that went off the post to show for it though. If Real are that sloppy and unable to play out of the back against Barca, buenas noches. Caravajal was especially poor in that game in defense. If Marcelo starts over Reguilon, Messi is going to feast. Secondly, Messi and Suarez found their form in their last game vs Sevilla. Suarez has been in a bit of a rut away from home (hasn’t scored in Champions league away since Obama was President), but that is why that late goal vs Sevilla was big for him. Vinicius Junior will have his moments, Benzema is clincal, and Varane/Ramos can thwart most attacks away; however, Barcelona’s ability to attack out-wide and Messi will see them through.

Messi Stats vs Madrid: 39 games 26 goals 14 assists


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