Seahawks beat the Rams 30-29. Russell Wilson had 4 Tds. Greg Zuerlein missing the 44 yarder sealed LA’s fate.

I’ve been going to sleep peacefully every night knowing that Christian McCaffrey, of my Panthers, is the best pale skill position player in the NFL. CMC is still the best, but Kupp has been putting up numbers post-ACL recovery that make me worry about this made up award in my head. Kupp is averaging 8.2 catches, 101.8 yards, and 0.8 touchdowns a game. CMC is maintaining 157 yards and a touchdown a game. I mean, when you consider that Christian has thicccer thighs than Cooper.. It is amazing Kupp is so close in the stats department. Christian is the more talented player, but Cooper’s team is 1-0 against the Panthers this season. That game was played with an immobile Cam though.

Speaking of thiccc thighs. Saquon was seen warming up today at Giants practice with Young M.A playing in the background. Barkley is a freak. Either the ankle sprain wasn’t as bad as reported or he can heal freakishly fast.. or a little bit of both.

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