Barcelona beat my beloved Seville 4-0 over the weekend. Messi and Barcelona are now only two points behind Real Madrid though 8 games. Real Madrid haven’t lost in La Liga this season.

Sevilla “won” the first 25 minutes, but the score was still 0-0. Then Suarez did this..

Messi was not to be outdone by Suarez. A. Vidal and Dembele put in goals before Messi went on this amazing run..
He makes the near impossible look easy. Below is his free-kick goal to put Barcelona up 4-0. Messi makes free-kicks at a higher rate than some penalty takers make penalties. Messi has 37 goals in 38 games against Sevilla. This next stat is not from a trusted source, but until proven otherwise.. Messi has made 29 free-kicks since the 15/16 season. That is easily the most. I know he has made the most in soccer’s top-10 leagues, but I am not convinced it is only 29 haha. It seems like he makes one every month.
Manchester City lost again to a team at the bottom-half of the table. Norwich did it the first time, now it was Wolverhampton’s turn. Hand up, I was wrong in thinking Adama Traore only had a massive upper-body and pace. He showed some lethal finishing as seen in the video below.
Manchester United lost 1-0 to Newcastle. United have failed to score in their past two matches. They have not scored more than one goal in any of their last 10 matches. Manchester United opened the season with a 4-0 win over Chelsea, they have not scored more than 1 in a match since then. The commentators said this during the Newcastle/Manchester United game, “United will get desperate now, you never know, Fred might actually pass the ball forward”. Fred has had one assist for Manchester. It cost 52 million to sign him. Not a good ROI.
Tottenham lost to Brighton 3-0 and Lloris is now out for the rest of the decade (2 months). Tottenham are still only 3 points out of the Champions League spots, but their weak bench may begin to show. Manchester United are only 5 points away from Champions League, but Ole may be fired before he can fix anything.
City are 8 points back of Liverpool. Liverpool had an 8-point lead later in the season than this last year and Manchester City still won the Premier League. The early returns for Liverpool are outstanding, but they can’t let-up. 8-0-0 is amazing for Klopp’s side. Liverpool are the best club in the World right now. Sorry Bayern, Real, Barcelona, Man City, PSG, Juve, Atletico, and Swansea City.
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