92-78-9 on Soccer in 2018 up 8.17 units

62-56-11 on Soccer in 2019 down 24.82 units

I am not going quietly into the night with my hands tied. If I am going to go out, I am going to be yelling and screaming staring people down like Juan Soto does to pitchers.

When I was at a bar in Madrid, I got to talking to this old head that was a Real Madrid fan. His english sucked and my spanish was worse at the time, but one thing I did understand that he said was “Diego Simeone grande cojones”. That was the only positive thing he said about one of his team’s fiercest rivals. Let’s hope his big balls come through today.

Atletico Madrid at +121 for 10 units.

Atletico Madrid/Villarreal Draw at +215 for 10 units. Atletico have kept a clean sheet in their last 7 away wins in La Liga. Madrid lost a heartbreaker to Messi and Barcelona (once again) last time out. Villarreal didn’t win a match in November. Atletico are 1 point out of Champions League places and 6 points from 1st. They need points here. Villarreal will be a breath of fresh air after losing to Barcelona and Juventus 1-0 both times.

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