15-10-1 on NCAAB in 2017 up 5.25 units

24-19 on NCAAB in 2018 up 11.28 units

A lot of college basketball games today, so I have a big card. Best of luck.

UVA -5 for 3 units. A sort of sucker line here, but I am going to bet it. UVA is 14-4-1 against the spread this year. I have said it before, but I think Virginia’s unsexy style of play keeps people from betting them, so Vegas does not give them the respect they deserve. Both these teams score 69.2 points a game, but UVA obviously has the better defense. Have been winning money on UVA all year so I am not gonna stop now (well unless they do not cover).

Kentucky +2 for 2 units. Earlier in the year Kentucky looked out of sync, but that second half against West Virginia has made me reevaluate them as a team. Missouri plays a weird kinda selfish brand of basketball that Kentucky should be able to beat. I think Kentucky has the advantage in the paint and on defense so I am taking them here on the road. I think that ugly South Carolina road loss for Kentucky was an outlier, but we will find out.

Texas A&M -7 for 2 units. I just think the Aggies will dominate the paint in this game and get South Carolina’s bigs in foul trouble. This is more of a hunch/gut play than anything my numbers say. The Aggies have to win games like this if they want to make the tournament. Always like the home team in an early game vs a team that is traveling over 1,000 miles west.

Pittsburgh +21.5 for 2 units. I know Pittsburgh is bad, but UNC has been playing awful. I think Pittsburgh may be just the thing UNC needs to get back on track, but that does not mean they will win by 22 or more. Pittsburgh has looked a little better in their past 3 games against Miami, Syracuse, and NC State. UNC has to play a lot better defense if they want to go as far as they have the past two years.

Saint Marys CA -10 for 2 units. Buying a half point here. Have not heard much talk about this team as I live on the east coast, but they have been playing some great basketball. Saint Marys passes the ball well and has won 17 games in a row. This win streak is a school record for the Gaels. San Diego looked good against Gonzaga covering the spread while still losing. I just think this is a tough spot for San Diego playing the two best teams in the conference (and maybe the entire west coast) back to back.


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