6-1 on UFC/MMA in 2018 up 9.90 units

3-1 in 2019 up 1.66 units

Charles Oliveira at -119 for 5 units. Oliveira has 3 performances of the night in a row. He has the most UFC submission wins all time with 12. Jim Miller was like what’s happening to me and then rear-naked choke time. Clay Guida was like what’s happening to me and then guillotine choke time. Charles is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Charles says he will fight 5 times this year. He is an animal. Oliveira deserves a top 5 fight if he wins this one against David Teymur. Oliveira’s grappling and flexibility get him the win. If you want to see Charles take someone bigger to the ground… Scroll/Look up.

Livia Souza at -217 for 3 units. Souza’s opponent came in 7 pounds overweight. The bout will proceed as scheduled though, with Frota forfeiting 40 percent of her purse to Souza. Souza called her opponent unprofessional. This is Sarah Frota’s first UFC fight. She may not have many more sadly.

Magomed Bibulatov/Rogerio Bontorin over 2.5 at -209 for 3 units. If Bibulatov can defend against Bontorin’s rear naked choke, this will go over. Bibulatov got knocked out in the first round of his last bout, but Bontorin doesn’t have the punching power. I am betting Bibulatov’s chin holds up here. Submission defense will be the key to this over and the fight for Magomed.

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