68-56-5 on the NFL up 27.53 units

Went ahead and put my season long bets into my record. There were 3 of them.. Saints to win NFC, Panthers to win NFC, and Patriots to win AFC. The Patriots won at +200. The Panthers and Saints bets lost but I still won 2 units. Woohoo. People were telling me I was dumb to bet on Patriots AFC at +200 instead of Super Bowl at +375, but the Super Bowl odds for the Pats went up to +750 after the Dolphins or Titans loss. Can’t remember which one. Anyway, onto the Super Bowl.

Patriots -1 at -120 for 7 units. The Rams allowed the most yards per carry in the NFL this season (5.1), and were a bottom ten rush defense. I want to bet against the Patriots, but I keep seeing Goff’s 4 interceptions against the Bears every time I try to. Bill Belichick has been sending Sean McVay flowers. Mind games go to the Pats. Also, Wade Phillips is really going to out-scheme Tom Brady? McVay is really going to out-scheme Belichick? It could happen, but I sincerely doubt it. New England’s playoff rushing offense will be too much for the Rams rushing defense. Gronk is healthy and will empty the chamber as it could be his last game. Patriots will be ready for everything after losing to the Philly Special last season.

Tom Brady to win Super Bowl MVP at -110 for 3 units. If the Patriots win (they will), then Tom will win MVP.

James White over 5.5 receptions at -167 for 4 units. This number could be 10.5 and I would still bet the over. No Ragrets. Not even a single letter.

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