92-78-9 on Soccer in 2018 up 8.17 units

9-11-3 on Soccer in 2019 down 16.17 units

Barcelona to advance at -154 for 10 units.

Barcelona at -146 for 8 units.

Barcelona -1 at +118 for 5 units. Only play if Messi plays. Messi left the Valencia game with a minor injury.. He is on the squad list so I expect him to play, but if his injury is more serious and he isn’t in the lineup. Stay away. I will update this post the second lineups are announced. Furthermore, If Messi does play, I love this Barcelona play because that means Barcelona are not fucking around by playing a “less than 100 percent” Messi. Busquets was out for cards against Valencia, his rested legs will be added bonus for Barca.

Bale and Vinicius Junior are now fighting for the Real’s left wing spot. Bale may be falling out of favor quickly in Madrid. The problem for Real Madrid is they don’t have Ronaldo… well that’s only part of it. Modric, Kroos, and Casemiro’s workrates have been lacking this season IMO. Casemiro can blame lack of fitness. Modric can blame him being better than Messi and Ronaldo according to the Ballon d’Or. Kroos can blame Donald Trump. Madrid actually had more shots on goal the last time they played Barcelona, but they lost 5-1. Barcelona is just more clinical this season and that will show again tonight. Real Madrid could always get their corner goal from Varane or Ramos, but Barcelona could score a Messi free-kick goal just as easy. Real Madrid haven’t won a road game against a top-tier team like Barcelona since Ronaldo played for them. Beating Espanyol, Sevilla, and Roma away isn’t easy, but the Camp Nou is a major step up.

Manchester City at -344 for 4 units. City can almost sniff the title. Bernado Silva made Arsenal’s midfield look like school children. He should work Everton too. Aguero is in form. Silva 1 and 2 are in form. Sterling, Mahrez, and Sane will provide the width. City have won 3-1 the last two times they’ve met Everton. City are in form. Everton are not.

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