0-0 on NFL

Season bets:

Patriots win AFC at +200 for 3 units. They will be in the game as long as Tom stays healthy and then you can hedge out if you want (I prolly won’t do that but…).

Panthers win NFC at +2100 for 2 units.

Saints win NFC at +575 for 2 units. I think either one of these teams would have beat the Eagles if they played them in the playoffs last season. And you might be saying cool doesn’t matter.. well I think it does matter because they know they can beat anyone. Saints and Panthers have windows that won’t be open for more than 2 more years. It is win now mode for both of them.

Thursday night bets:

Falcons +1.5 for 3 units. Falcons are going to run the ball this game. Sanu, Hooper, and Ridley are the best compliments Julio has had since Roddy White and Pretty face Tight end Tony were in Atlanta. I think the NFC South is the best division in football. The Falcons will get their revenge and learn from their mistakes last time they lost to the Eagles. Atlanta got a little better this off season and are healthier than they were in the playoffs last season (when compared to the Eagles). Injuries hurt them in that game.

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