5-2-1 on NFL up 8.98 units

Texans at -150 for 5 units. Deshaun Watson will play better this week. The Texans hung in with the Patriots and that translates well to this game. JJ Watt is a beast and the game is in Houston. Delanie Walker is a huge loss for the Titans. I think they should sign Dez personally. The Titans are missing offensive linemen and that is never good against one of the best defensive lines in the league. This one should be closer to -225. Hammer it.

Chargers at -310 for 3 units. Bills fade.

49ers -6 for 2 units. I don’t believe in Jimmy G and that is why I bet the Vikings so heavy last week. The Lions are not the Vikings.. I know, groundbreaking info. The lions will be missing multiple offensive linemen and possibly Ansah. The 49ers defense had some solid penetration last week and I expect that to show up even more this week.

Rams -13 for 2 units. Not going to overthink this one. Rams are one of the best teams in the league and the Cardinals are one of the worst. Gurley will run down their throats in the second half just like he did last week.

Panthers +6 for 3 units. Keanu Neal is out for the Falcons and that means Christian McCaffrey, Cam Newton, and whoever else runs the ball for the Panthers will find a lot more daylight. Greg Olsen is out for the Panthers, but they can overcome that. These rivalry games are usually close which adds to my confidence in this pick. I truly believe the Panthers are one of the best teams in the NFL this year and I expect them to do well in this spot. The Falcons have not won a game in the pre, regular, or postseason since they beat the Rams in early January.

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