58-44-4 on the NFL up 26.20 units

Texans -7 at +104 for 4 units. I’ve bet on the Jets thrice this year (against Broncos, Colts, and Titans) and won all 3. Doesn’t mean I like betting on them though. Todd Bowles is simply not a good head coach. Texans defensive line will eat. DeAndre Hopkins can’t be covered by the whole city of New York. Texans coming off a loss. Houston is the second most sacked team in the league, but they will focus on quick throws and fixing that in this game. Watson has thrown only 2 interceptions since week 8.

Sam Darnold has struggled against good defenses (Ex: Vikings) and I expect that to continue. Darnold leads the league with 15 interceptions. He has only played 10 games. I don’t know why people thought his interception problems at USC wouldn’t carry over.. but they have. Get right game for the Texans. Houston are better on 3rd down, better at taking care of the ball, better at pressuring the QB.. you get it.

Browns at +115 for 4 units. I don’t think Vance Joseph is a great head coach either. Browns have looked a lot better since firing Hue Jackson and playing Nick Chubb. Surprise. Surprise. Gregg Williams has has many wins as Hue Jackson did in 40 games. Why the hell does Gregg’s name have two G’s in his name. That’s annoying. Myles Garrett and Von Miller, two former Aggies, are some of the best rushers in the league and get to show off for each other today. Mayfield has one of the highest YPG for a rookie ever. Broncos have won 11 straight against Cleveland, but that has a good chance of changing today. I think this game will be close, so I will take the team at plus money. If one team has the ability to blow the other out, I think it is the Browns though.

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