61-53-2 on NBA in 2018 up 9.28 units

19-19-2 on NBA this season down 9.99 units

Warriors couldn’t pull out a win against the Jazz and the Timberwolves lost my parlay in overtime in what was an 18 unit swing. Trailer Park Boys taught me that “that is just the way she goes” sometimes. Like some spots tonight..

Pistons +4.5 for 4 units. Charlotte has already beat the Pistons twice this season, but I like Detroit here. Charlotte hates being above .500 it seems and this win would put them there. Drummond and Griffin play well against Zeller, Marvin Williams, and MKG. I like the Pistons here because of the healthy Reggie Bullock. Bullock made 7 threes last time out. He is hot. Pistons got dominated on the free throw line in their last loss to Charlotte. I love the Hornets, but I don’t trust them beating any team 3 times in a row.

Magic -2 for 4 units. Bulls suck.

Kings at -127 for 4 units. Grizzlies have lost 4 in a row and Kings have looked good this season. Buddy Hield is a year older than we thought he was.. Would the Kings have traded Boogie if this info was known? Who knows. I do know that it doesn’t matter if Buddy is 25 or 26 because he has improved every year he has been in the league. I’d take him on my team for an expiring Boogie contract. Grizzlies are banged up. Good spot for Sacramento to get back to winning.

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