Goes to Andre Drummond who got snubbed as an all-star in the East. Drummond tweeted out “Guess I gotta start doing back flips after every point I score to get attention around here! Lmao on to the next.” 

Maybe Andre should beat Joel Embiid once this season if he wants to make an all-star team. In all seriousness though, he should have made it over Horford who averages 13/7.8/5 to Drummond’s 14/15/4. Or even made it over Wall who has hardly tried this season as evidenced by this stat from Zach Lowe “He has spent 76.57 percent of floor time either standing still or walking, the largest such share among all rotation players.” Guess who is second in that stat? Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk is more than a decade older and just stands there and shoots 3s and he is second in the league in standing still behind John Wall!!!! Wall hardly plays defense (even in crunch time: for example against the Grizzlies when he just let Tyreke Evans shoot 3s to bring Memphis back into the game). John Wall’s team is also underperforming, while the Pistons (performing about where expected) would be as bad as the Detroit’s NFL team if they did not have Andre Drummond.

At least Drummond will overtake Lillard for the all-star snub meme for a year or more.

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