12-13-1 on NBA Playoffs up 4.86 units

The Bucks evened the series behind Giannis. Jaylen Brown dropped 34 points for the Celtics, but it was not enough. LaMarcus Aldridge had a double-double and the Spurs avoided the sweep. The Wizards also evened their series. Wall and Beal were better than DeRozan and Lowry in Game 4. Kyle Korver and Lebron James evened the series vs the Pacers. Oladipo was only 5-20 from the field. The Lance/Lebron feud is always fun to watch.

Rockets -6 for 3 units. Rockets will step up and play better than they did last game. The Rockets will make adjustments and James Harden won’t get stopped by Taj Gibson again. Timberwolves shot the ball well in Game 3, but a lot of that was lack of defensive effort from Houston. Rockets will be better at guarding the drive and kicks in this one.

Thunder +4.5 for 1 unit. Westbrook did a lot of talking about Rubio after the Game 3 loss to the Jazz. Let’s see if he can back it up on the court. Carmelo has been struggling this season and “Playoff P” hasn’t done much since Game 1. I think this will be a close game so I am taking the points. Donovan Mitchell and Rubio have been fun to watch this series.

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