18-18-1 on NBA Playoffs up 8.01 units

Bucks win another game at home. Will Bucks be the first team to win a game away from home in Game 7?

Taking all the unders tonight for 2 units each.

Raptors Wiz under 214.5 Raptors role players not being able to make 3s away from home will keep this under.

Pacers Cavs under 203 Expect an ugly game tonight. Only one game this series has gone over this number.

Jazz Thunder under 207 Westbrook went off last game and the Thunder still only scored 107. Gobert won’t get those same terrible foul calls he got last game and the lane will be more clogged as a result. That 4th foul Gobert got in the 3rd quarter makes me think that ref could have been paid off by the NBA.

Sorry for the quick write up. Busy today.


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