22-22-1 on NBA Playoffs up 0.86 units

Lebron James had 45 points in the Cavs Game 7 win. King James was dominate and he had to be. The Cavs shot 16 more free throws than the Pacers. The Collison tech was a laughable call at a point in time when the Pacers were gaining momentum. Darren Collison had to be frustrated after that because we all know Lebron and other stars get away with worse than that. Maybe I am too woke, but sometimes it feels like I am watching WWE with the NBA. Oh well, that’s why we bet the Cavs. The Rockets shot 53.1% from 3 and cruised to a 1-0 series lead over the Jazz. Harden had 41 points. The over missed by 1 point, which hurt because that was an 8 unit swing. On to the next one.

76ers -3 for 4 units. DO NOT PLAY IF BROWN PLAYS. Not having Jaylen Brown did not seem to affect the Celtics too much in the second half of Game 7 vs the Bucks, but it will show up here. The Celtics are 55-32-2 against the spread this season, while the 76ers are 51-34-2. Pretty damn impressive. Simmons will play great without the length of Brown guarding him. Embiid will be too much for Horford. The only advantage I see for the Celtics is coaching. Redick and Marco Belinelli will shoot better in TD Garden than any of the Bucks did last series (not that hard to do). The 76ers are almost -400 to win the series and they are only favored by 3 without the Celtics best defender playing in this one? Sign me up.

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