37-37-4 in Hockey up 5.07 units

The Lightning got up early on the Bruins and did a great job protecting the lead. Tampa won the faceoffs and the takeaways. The Sharks got up early and did a great job protecting the lead as well. Vegas is deservedly mad about picks not being called against the Sharks (especially during the first goal). I don’t think the Sharks dominated as much as the score indicated, but the Sharks definitely deserved the win. Vegas got mad at the end of the game and were 2 men down as time ran out. The series is now tied 2-2 and the Sharks have to feel confident after losing the first game 7-0 and crawling back in the series. Vegas did not score on any of their power plays and Fleury had a bad night for the first time in a while.

Going back to fading the public and betting underdogs… Should have never stopped doing that.

Caps ML at +150 for 3 units. Tom Wilson is suspended for the Caps, but I think they have outplayed the Penguins to a greater extent than one Tom Wilson. The Capitals winning is my prediction for Game 4. I just think the Caps have been better this series, and if it were not for a Game 1 meltdown, they would be up 3-0.

Caps Penguins over 6 for 1 unit. Last game was so open and I expect more of the same. So many great offensive players in this series and Murray has been struggling a little.

Predators ML at +130 for 3 units. Predators got up 3-0 and then lost the game. Jets are 9-1 in their last 10. A lot of things did not go the Predators way in Game 3, Subban’s clears, Rinne being too aggressive, and they still were in the game. Predators almost have to win this game if they want to stay in the series. If the Predators get up, they will defend the lead a lot better. Connor Hellebuyck had a good quote about Pekka Rinne: “I hope the media’s not all over him … this is not a fun series for a goalie.”




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