44-45 on MLB in 2018 down 1.85 units

2-2 yesterday up 2.26 units

Manaea beat the Red Sox again (no no-hitter this time). Patrick Corbin got his first loss of the season for the Diamondbacks. The Braves keep winning. The Giants and Reds did not want to stop scoring in the late game, but eventually the Reds stopped scoring.

Rockies at -110 for 3 units. Lyles (former Rockie) has a 6.07 ERA against the Rockies in his career. His team has lost the past 4 games he has pitched in. He has not pitched more than 5 innings this season. The Padres bullpen does not scare me and they will be needed. Rockies complete the sweep today. German Marquez has an ERA under 2 for the Rockies on the road this season as well. Also, Padres are 3-9 in day games.

Tigers at +133 for 1 unit. Indians did not look that great yesterday and now they have their worst starter in Josh Tomlin on the mound. Liriano got a loss against the Indians earlier this season, but he pitched well. This line is a little weird with how banged up the Tigers are, but I like fading Josh Tomlin.

Braves at +118 for 1 unit. Cubs had a chance to win the game yesterday with bases loaded down 1 with Kris Bryant at the pate. Bryant could not get a hit and the Cubs lost. Yu Darvish is on the mound today and he has been struggling. His stuff has not looked worse to me than past years (he still has his velocity), but his location as lacked. Darvish gives up a homer every start and I expect that to continue today. The Braves are young and hot. Nick Markakis, Ozzie Albies, and Freddie Freeman have been great this season.

Angels at +151 for 2 units. Two evenly matched teams in my opinion so I will take the underdog. Angels are 3-1 vs the Astros this season. Gerrit Cole will strikeout some Angels, but I still think they can pull this one out. Solid value with Jamie Barria on the mound for the Angels.

Mariners at -133 for 4 units. Rangers have 3 runs in their last 3 games. Mariners have better hitters (even with Cano out) and the better bullpen. The starters are similar if you look over the whole season, but Mike Leake had his best start of the season last time out for the Mariners. Mike Minor had his worst start of the season last time out for the Rangers.

Giants at -118 for 3 units. Giants are better than the Reds. Cincinnati’s sweep of the Dodgers does not impress me too much because I think the Dodgers are bad without Turner and Seager in the lineup. Giants have been playing solid baseball lately and I expect that to continue.



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