44-34-2 on NBA Playoffs up 23.48 units

Rockets +4.5 1st quarter for 2 units. Rockets got out to a solid start last game. It just feels like since the 4th quarter of Game 4 the Rockets have figured out Golden State’s offense. 5 points is lot of points to lay in 1 quarter. I know CP3 is out, but I think Harden can do enough for this to cover.

James Harden over 34 points for 2 units. If they Rockets want to win tonight, Harden has to play well. If Harden plays well along with Ariza, Tucker, and others making their open 3s.. The Rockets may win this in 6. I wouldn’t bet on that, but I will bet on Harden trying to take over the game with no Chris Paul.

Rockets/Warriors under 214 for 3 units. Last two have gone under. No Chris Paul. Play of the night here.


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