Let’s start with Aaron Rodgers. Jesus Christ. I don’t know how you choose between Rodgers or Brady, they are both so damn good. Rodgers is more talented, but Brady has the better coaching and things of that nature. Everybody thought it was going to be the Khalil Mack game at halftime.. it wasn’t. I had the Packers in all 4 of my survivor pools.. I see why they call it survivor now. Fuller had a ball fall in his hands for the game sealing pick.. but he dropped it and Rodgers threw a 75 yard touchdown to Cobb on the next play. Clay Matthews tried to give the Bears the win with his late roughing the passer penalty, but the Packers secondary looks better than past years and clamped down.

Bengals turned it up in the 4th quarter to beat the Colts in Indy. Clayton Fejedelem, who was a 7th round pick in 2016, showed white boy speed during his 83 yard fumble recovery touchdown that hasn’t been seen since Forrest Gump. Joe Mixon is good. A.J. Green is good too he just needs to practice some ball security.

The Chiefs beat the Chargers. Tyreek Hill is a freak. He is the fastest football player I have ever seen and that is not an exaggeration. I don’t care what his 40 time is (4.24), I know that man is fast. Also, Travis Benjamin can’t catch.

The shocker of the day was Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Bucs just going up the field every time they had the ball. The Saints had no answers. Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson had some huge plays. Drew Brees was like 13-15 with 2 TDS at one point and they were still down. I thought this Saints defense was supposed to be good this year?

Nathan Peterman must be the best practice squad player ever to keep getting starting jobs. I mean he sucks. I don’t care how good his attitude or work ethic is.. he sucks. Ravens beat the Bills 47-3, but it’s cool I bet the Ravens.

Patriots sneaked out a win against the Texans thanks to a Gronk catch that wasn’t a catch. Brady played great, he made one mistake (which was prolly James White’s fault) that lead to an interception but the Texans only got a field goal out of it. Deshaun Watson did not look that great from the start when he fumbled the opening snap. Watson will improve.

Vikings picked off Jimmy G 3 times and Cousins threw no interceptions. That was the difference as the Vikings won by 8. 49ers defense looks solid, but the Vikings D may be the best in the league again if they can get/stay healthy. This way my biggest play of the day and the Vikings came through for me.

Dolphins beat the Titans in what was the longest game in the modern era of the NFL with 2 over 2 hour rain delays. Mariota got hurt, but he was not playing well before that happened. Dion Lewis was one of the few bright spots for the Titans as they lost Delanie Walker for the season to an ankle injury.

Jaguars D did enough to contain OBJ and Barkley. Saquon is going to be a beast. Manning threw a pick and no touchdowns. If Manning can play a little better, this will be a good Giants team. If Bortles can play a little better, this will be a great Jaguars team.

Panthers beat the Cowboys 16-8 and were in control of the whole game till late in the 4th. Luke Kuechly had an injury scare but he came back in the game. Olsen re-injured his surgically repaired foot. This Panthers team has a chance to be really food, but they have to be healthy come playoff time. Cowboys need a wideout and a run defense.

Redskins and Adrian Peterson smacked the Cardinals, but I think that says more about the futility of the Cardinals than it does the ability of the Redskins.

Phillip Lindsay looked really good and he lead the Broncos to a 3 point win over the Seahawks. Keenum and Wilson threw 5 picks combined. Sanders had a 135 yards. The rookie Will Dissly had 105 yards for the Seahawks. Demaryius Thomas made an amazing catch to seal the win. Brandon Marshall is back?

3-1-1 on NFL up 7.79 units 

Jets/Lions over 44.5 for 3 units. I see this game being in the 50s. Robby Anderson and Enunwa have the ability to get the big play whenever against this Lions defense. Stafford should be able to dice the Jets up. Saw a lot of big plays on Sunday and I expect more of the same here while secondaries are still working out their communication.

Rams at -225 for 3 units. Seems a little too easy but I will bite. I don’t believe in the Raiders at all with Gruden and without Mack. Gurley, Goff, Cooks, Donald, and company should be able to do enough here.




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