68-51-6 on Soccer since World Cup up 30.82 units

Barcelona only favored by 1 over the weekend against Espanyol after the Messi Ballon d’Or snub was the easiest bet I have made in a while. It was “only” a 5 unit play for me though. I have to get better at making angles like that a max play. If you didn’t like Messi’s Free-kick in the first half. He scored a second half free-kick you’ll have to like (Sorry Espanyol fans, Lo Siento).

I mean just look at Messi’s dribbling before his assist on the Dembele goal. He runs away from defender #1 and then shields the ball from defender #2, then does a left to right foot chop quicker than you can sneeze to get around defender #1 again. Defender #3 tries to tackle. Messi falls on the ball and dodges that tackle along with Defender #1’s standing tackle. Then he throws it off Vidal’s leg and orders him to fall down because he sees a pass and doesn’t want Vidal to fuck it up. Then while defender #1 is sprinting at him, he threads the through ball to Dembele who displays a clinical finish.

Messi and Ronaldo are freaks for how long they have been dominant. Pele probably thinks Ronaldo is better cause he heads the ball, but I have never seen Ronaldo have a game like Messi had against Espanyol. You have to appreciate greatness while it is here. My last bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 23 Bourbon Whiskey taught me that. Messi will not be gracing us forever, but for now I will enjoy (betting on) him. Lebron James and Roger Federer are the only other players in all the major sports I can think of that are like Messi and Ronaldo in regards to longevity of dominance.

Alright sorry for the Messi session.. Onto today’s games,

Dortmund -1 at +120 for 2 units. Dortmund is already onto the next round. Monaco will finish last in the group. Dortmund hasn’t won either of their last two away games in this competition. So why bet Dortmund? Monaco have an injury list longer than Kevin Durant. Monaco just won’t be able to field a team that can match Dortmund’s talent.

Napoli +1.5 at -204 for 2 units.

Napoli/Liverpool over 3 for 2 units. Alright. If PSG beat Red Star (they will), then Liverpool either has to win 1-0 or by 2. Napoli are leading the group heading into these games. Liverpool is going to come out attacking because the only way the runner-ups move on is if they win. I mean, they could take the Mourinho approach and leave it late and then start sending in crosses to Virgil, but I think I know Klopp better than that. Napoli has played 9 away matches this season. 8 of them have gone over 2.5 goals. Klopp is 1-2 against Ancelotti. Salah scored a hat-trick over the weekend. We will see goals in this one. Napoli are leading the group for a reason, two goals is too much value to pass them up even on the road in my opinion. In an up and down match like this, there are a wide array of outcomes, but I don’t see Napoli losing by 2 or more happening.

Inter Milan -1 at -180 for 8 units. Inter know they clinch if they get more points than Tottenham does against Barcelona. PSV have not won a Champions League game this group stage. Also, PSV have given up at least two goals in every game this group stage. Icardi scored against PSV last time out. Inter have only lost at home once this season. Inter are the more talented team on the pitch and will go all out in this one. They win by 2 or more.

Atletico Madrid -1 at +124 for 2 units.

Atletico Madrid/Club Brugge KV under 2.5 at -122 for 2 units. Atletico win the group with a win. Diego Simeone might be the best coach in the world to have if you have to win against an inferior opponent. Atletico win 2-0. Club Brugge have secured Europa, but can’t make the round of 16. Brugge have played well so far..

Tottenham/Barcelona to Draw at +325 for 1 unit. Barcelona have not lost at the Camp Nou in the Champions League since the 13/14 season. They have already won the group, while Tottenham have to win to have a chance at moving on. It will be interesting to see what kind of lineup Barcelona puts out. If Messi and Suarez sit, Dembele and Countinho are no slouches. I may make a new post once the lineups come out, so stay tuned for that.. but I think a draw is the most likely outcome for this match and 3x your money is great value.

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