61-53-2 on NBA in 2018 up 9.28 units

8-11-1 on NBA this season down 10.84 units

Kings at -127 for 5 units. Bulls don’t even want to practice for their coach. That organization needs a rebuild starting at the top. This Kings team has played hard all year and I expect that to continue tonight.

Thunder -5 at -105 for 5 units. Jazz have lost their last 2 away games. Paul George has been playing great of late. Thunder will get a win after losing to the Jazz in the playoffs last season. Thunder have won 16 of last 20.

Lakers at -225 for 5 units. Last meeting ever between Lebron and D Wade. Lebron scored 50 last time they met. Lebron and the Lake show win here. Lakers play a lot better at home (10-4). Hassan Whiteside, Dion Waiters, and Wayne Ellington did not make the trip for the Heat. Ellington 3-point shooting will be missed.

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