61-53-2 on NBA in 2018 up 9.28 units

14-13-2 on NBA this season up 1.79 units

Ayyyy, finally up on NBA this season. I love Kemba Walker. Kemba put the team on his back down 11 with a little over 6 minutes to go. Kemba gave up the final shot to Jeremy Lamb who drained it and won me my(our) bet. Malik Monk got so excited during Lamb’s shot he ran on the court a little too soon and got a tech. Pistons got a free throw, but in the end it didn’t matter. I am glad it happened as a Hornets fan because we got this awesome-warm-hearted moment between MJ and Monk. Mj smacked him upside the head lol. Monk played well in the game. Bridges and Monk are both only 20 years old and should be ballers for years to come. RESIGN KEMBA NOW!!

Started off the season horribly, but rebounded nicely like Bradley Beal last night. Kyrie went berserk in overtime and the Celtics got the win over the struggling Wizards. Time to bet against some more struggling teams tonight…

Magic/Mavs Parlay risking 4 units to win 4.08 units. Magic have lost 7 of their last 10, but the Bulls have lost 9 of their last 10. The Bulls give up 110 points a game and barely score 100 a game. This game is in Mexico at Mexico City’s Arena Ciudad de Mexico. Evan Fournier and Mo Bamba should be back in the lineup for Orlando. Vucevic can’t play worse than he did against Dallas, shooting 4-15 from the field. The Bulls have formed a leadership committee… A professional NBA team has formed a leadership committee. Even the Knicks and Dolan are laughing at that.. The Bulls have won their last 5 meetings against Orlando, but Chicago loses tonight.

The Mavs will want revenge for their opening night 21 point loss to the Suns. The Suns have gone 3-21 since that win. Devin Booker is still out for Phoenix. He said he was sick of playing for a team that doesn’t make the playoffs, so it is fitting he has missed the last 5 or so games. Dirk is back for the Magic. It is wild Steve Nash is commentating on Champions League soccer games for TNT, while Dirk is still trying to dunk in the NBA. I love Dirk and Nash. Dallas got outrebounded in the first matchup, DeAndre Jordan will have to be the beast he is tonight. Harrison Barnes has been heating up. I like this spot.

Lakers +6 for 3 units. Rockets have been playing poorly this season. Lebron and the Lakers have been playing a lot better of late. Lakers are 7-3 in last 10. Rockets are 3-7 in last 10. Lebron is averaging 28.3 PPG on 52.1% shooting. He is still great, but how bout you get above 70% from the free throw line Bron Bron. Ariza and Anderson are missed for the Rockets as their bench sucks. James Ennis is out for Houston, which means Gordon has to start. That further hurts their bench. Kuzma is averaging 21 and 9 in his last 7 games without Ingram. I think they should trade Ingram and a first for Beal. Lebron needs another shooter around him IMO.

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