Wow. Can’t believe Gonzaga lost to St. Mary’s by 13 last night. Gonzaga scored 47 points. Gonzaga beat St. Mary’s by more than 47 in the regular season. That is insane. Zach Norvell Jr. was 1-11 shooting for Gonzaga. I don’t know why he was taking 3s at the end of the game when he was clearly cold. Seems like feeding Rui Hachimura would have been the better option. St. Mary’s played a great game. They made some unbelievable shots down the stretch as the shot clock expired and their defense was impressive throughout the game. Congrats to the Gaels for making the NCAA tourney and making all the bubble teams hate them for taking a spot. Shoutout to Binghamton sucking against Vermont and Notre Dame for holding on. Notre Dame blew a huge lead because they stopped feeding Mooney, thankfully they went back to him towards the end of the game for the win.

70-62-2 on NCAAB last season and went up 8.95 units

28-26-1 this season up 3.53 units

Cal +10 for 4 units. Cal lost by 9 to Colorado earlier this season. Cal shot 38% and Colorado shot 50% in that game. I think those numbers are a lot closer in this one. Both of these teams have won 3 in a row. Cal beat Washington and Washington State, two teams Colorado has lost to in the past month. California lacks depth, but that does not matter as much in these first round games. Justice Sueing and Paris Austin have stepped up for Cal over the past few games. Colorado has not won a game this season when they score less than 64 points. Cal only averages 11 turnovers a game. Cal takes care of the ball and slows the game down for the cover.

Norfolk State -8 for 4 units. Norfolk State is coming off of a tough loss to Howard. South Carolina State is coming off of a rare win against Maryland Eastern Shore. Norfolk State averages 3 more blocks a game and 3 more rebounds a game than South Carolina State. The Spartans will have the advantage inside. Norfolk State beat South Carolina State by 5 in South Carolina this season, they win this one by more in Norfolk.

Air Force -11 for 4 units. San Jose State lost by 14 to Air Force recently. San Jose State gives up over 81 points a game. Their defense is like a sieve trying to hold water. San Jose is 11-17 ATS this season. Send it.

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