18-16-1 on NBA in 2017 up 7.22 units

14-13 on NBA in 2018 down 2.38 units

Hornets -1 for 8 units. Max play here. Howard is a good counter to the Pelican bigs. Hornets have a .500 record at home. Pelicans have .500 record on the road. Pelicans won a double overtime game against the Bulls last time out. Kemba said all he cares about his winning after the recent trade rumors. Michael Jordan said he would only trade Kemba for an all-star (prolly won’t happen). Pelicans only shot 41% in their win against the Bulls and the Hornets defense has been better. Jeremy Lamb has been great for the Hornets this season. Pelicans do not match up well with Hornets and I love this spot. Pelicans are 1-3-1 in their last 5 games in the state of North Carolina.

Rockets ML at -275 for 8 units. Two max plays in one day after not having any for a long while. Line will get more juicy so get it now. Mavs are 10-15 at home while Rockets are 15-6 away. People are calling this a trap game and I just do not buy that. Houston has not lost a game when Capela, Harden, and Paul all play (18-0).


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