The Redskins trade for Alex Smith. Congrats Redskins, you get an older Kirk Cousins for a cheaper price. The Skins are reportedly paying Smith 23.5 million a year. The franchise tag on Kirk would have been about 34 million (transition tag would have been 28 million) if they had chose to go that route. The Redskins gave up a 3rd round pick and Kendall Fuller in the deal. Fuller led the Redskins in interceptions last year and still has room for improvement. Fuller was also 4th on the team in tackles. He had 4 less tackles than Josh Norman.

Back to Alex Smith being an older Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins threw for 4093 yards in 2017 – Alex Smith threw for 4042. Kirk had 27 throwing Tds – Alex Smith had 26 throwing Tds. Smith should have a lot better numbers throwing to Hill and Kelce rather than Kirk throwing to Pryor and Vernon Davis.. Right!? Kirk is better than the Redskins think. Alex Smith does have a higher yards per attempt, but he had Tyreke Hill. Hill is so damn fast he throws up the peace sign on fools trying to cover him. Hey but Alex Smith has playoff experience!! He is 1-4 in the playoffs. I just do not see Smith moving the needle much. I would rather draft Lamar Jackson with the third round pick they traded and keep one of their best players in the secondary. I guess the question is.. Is a more experienced but similar quarterback along with about 8 million in cap room worth a 3rd round pick and a starting corner? (I do not think so).

Andy Reid has now given the Redskins an old Donovan McNabb and an old Alex Smith.


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