Griffin signed a five-year 173 million dollar contract this past summer to stay with the Clippers. He refused to even visit the Nuggets because he was confident the Clippers wanted him, little did he know…. they did not really want him. Kendall Jenner will most likely break up with him now that he lives in Detroit. I feel bad for Blake. This is why Cavs fans that were mad at Lebron for leaving in 2018.. I mean 2010 – should wait to hate because franchises disregard players quicker than players disregard franchises (See Isaiah Thomas).

The Clippers received Avery Bradley (expiring contract), Boban Marjanovich, Tobias Harris, a first-round pick, and a 2019 second-round pick for Blake, Brice Johnson, and Willie Reed. The Clippers most likely realize that the Warriors will own the western conference for the next few years and they need to rebuild. A good start to the rebuild would be getting rid of Doc Rivers in my opinion, but Jerry West made the right move here. DeAndre Jordan was convinced to stay by J.J. Redick, Blake Griffin, and Chris Paul. All three of those players are gone now ironically. It is an interesting trade for the Pistons too. Detroit is 3 games out of the playoffs and maybe Blake will get them over the hump. I do not think he will get them to the playoffs because their guard play is lacking and they lost a near all-star in Tobias.

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