8-3 in snooker up 6.82 units

Ronnie O’Sullivan at -766 for 3 units. Ronnie has not lost to Ali Carter since 2010. Ronnie is on a health kick and recently said, “the biggest thing for me this year is how I have eaten and am amazed how good I feel and how healthy I am.” He continued, “I have changed the way I eat and have a massive amount of energy. Compared to the average Briton, I will always look fit because we are not the most healthy society.” A healthy Ronnie is a scary sight for the rest of his snooker competitors. The juice does not scare me because Ronnie is motivated. O’Sullivan sometimes does not care about winning a tournament for a myriad of reasons like the prize money not being high enough or him wanting to be back home. Well, this tournament has the prize money and the proximity to home, so I will back O’Sullivan here.

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