31-30-4 in Hockey up 6.73 units

Capitals ML at -123 for 3 units. No Malkin or Hagelin for the Penguins. Look for the Capitals to get some goals on the power play with Hagelin out. Trotz made a mistake not starting Holtby at the beginning of the last series. The Caps are 1-9 against the Penguins in a playoff series. Ovechkin mentioned that the law of averages should work out and they are not discouraged by that stat. I like his line of thinking.

Sharks ML at +127 for 3 units. Sharks made it to the Stanley Cup Finals recently before losing to the Penguins. I think that experience helps them here in what should be a close game. Both of these teams have goalies playing at high levels and both have had a lot of days off after dominating their first round matchups. I think history is made tonight and the Knights get their first playoff loss. Sharks did not win in Vegas this season, but the games were close and the playoffs are a different animal.

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