29-23-2 on NBA Playoffs up 14.06 units

Warriors still seem to be in second gear, but they still beat the Rockets in Houston by 13. Kevin Durant dropped 37 while Harden went off for 41. Harden can’t play much better than he did last night in my opinion. Klay Thompson and his postgame comments were straight class. The under should have hit, but the Rockets decided to foul down double digits with less than a minute left. Iggy made a free throw that hit front rim, backboard, back rim, and then went in with time dwindling. I’m not bitter..

Celtics win the series at +110 for 2 units.

Celtics win tonight at -110 for 4 units. Cavs have been putrid against the spread all season and that will continue tonight. You can scroll down and read my comments on Game 1 because I expect more the same here. Celtics will lockdown the perimeter shooters of Korver, Smith, and Love and Lebron will get frustrated. Lebron’s 3s and faders are highlights when they go in, but they are bad shots when they don’t. Boston’s best players can’t legally drink, but they can beat the Cavs. It really is unfair that the Celtics get extra coaching from Kyrie and Gordon when they already have Brad Stevens. What is Lue to do?

Lebron James over 33 points at -110 for 4 units. Lebron will get the foul calls tonight. King James did not put his head down and drive enough in Game 1.. he will tonight.

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