9-12-1 on NFL down 10.88 units

Patriots and Bears were the difference in being up 6 units and down 10 units. Patriots looked like their defense was stuck in mud. I won’t bet them again till Edelman or Josh Gordon show up and do well. If the Patriots lose to the Dolphins this week… Tom Brady might retire at the end of the season.

The Bears game was also hard to swallow. The Bears left Christian Kirk and Ricky Seals-Jones way too open on the opening drive to go down 7-0 on two chunk plays. On the next drive, Mitch took a huge sack in the red zone that “caused” a missed field goal. Those three plays and the Bears fumble on their next possession lead them to not covering. @RotoPat on twitter tweeted out today that Buck Allen has run more routes this season than David Johnson. I would rather have Jeff Fisher calling the plays for my team than Mike McCoy.

These past two NFL weekends have been rough betting wise, but I am taking what I have learned and moving on. I mean the Bills beating the Vikings was the biggest upset in the NFL in 25 years by the numbers, just crazy stuff. Plus, Kanye and Lil Wayne are dropping albums this weekend so that is helping my confidence.

Rams at -325 for 10 units. Max play. Vikings just lost to the Bills at home and now travel west on a short week to play the undefeated Rams. Suh, Donald, Ebukam, and Brockers will make Cousins uncomfortable the whole game. The Bills gave the Rams some could tape to follow on how to disrupt the Vikings offense, mainly Diggs and Thielen. Home team has won 8 of the past 10 Thursday night games. Goff has been completing 70.3% of his passes this season while throwing for 313 yards a game. Rams should win the battle in the trenches, especially with their best pass rusher Everson Griffen out.

Goff over 266 passing yards at -112 for 5 units. He averages over 313 passing yards a game. I mean look at this throw from Goff last week. He is on another level this season. Sean McVay may be the best offensive mind in football. Once the Rams get into the Redzone, they throw to the front of the endzone instead of the back like a lot of teams. It is interesting because defenses will have 5+ defenders in the endzone, but McVay knows they only have to cross the line. McVay essentially calls plays that make defenders obsolete. The Vikings will most likely focus on taking Todd Gurley out of the game. This one seems a little too low.

Stefon Diggs gets 1 touchdown or more at -110 for 2 units. Diggs only had 3 catches last week and the Vikings got smacked by a team that many considered the worst in football. They will feed him against the LA’s depleted secondary.


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