57-43-4 on the NFL up 30.45 units

Lost 9 units on the NFL this weekend. The Miami Miracle made what would have been a winning day, a losing day. Figures Gronk would blow it on a 69 yard play. Pats ML was a parlay killer. I know the Pats struggle in Miami, but that play was unreal. Patrick Mahomes had a wild no look pass in their overtime win over the Ravens. The Bears and Khalil Mack shutdown the Rams offense in Chicago’s 15-6 win.

The Panthers, Broncos, Redskins and Eagles all let their season slip away (They all can still make the playoffs through their own fun scenarios, but I don’t think they will). The Steelers lost to the Raiders. Big Ben may or may not be hurt. The Colts ended Houston’s win streak. T.Y. Hilton is good. New Orleans dominated the second half 25-0 and won their game against the Buccaneers 28-14. Saquon Barkley had a career day with Odell out and the Giants smacked the Redskins.

Onto Monday Night Football:

Seahawks -3 for 5 units. Wilson throws a touchdown on 25% of his deep balls. Tyler Lockett has been amazing at getting just enough separation right before he catches the ball on deep routes. The Vikings are 0-4 against teams with a winning record this season. The Seahawks are 7-5. Also, Kirk Cousins is 0-6 on Monday Night Football.

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