31-23-2 on NBA Playoffs up 21.03 units

Lebron James went off in the first half, then the Cavs sucked in the 2nd half. The Celtics turned it on, Rozier is fun to watch. J.R. Smith’s unnecessary shove on Al Horford late in the game summed up Cleveland’s frustrations well. Seemed like the Cavs were just standing there on defense in the second half. I still think the Celtics win this series and steal one in The Land. Celtics fans will be able to say they made Lebron leave for the Heat, and made Lebron leave for the team TBD. The Celtics win the series bet at plus money is still alive and well. Celtics to win the series has moved to -220…

Warriors +2 for 3 units. Best basketball team ever at +2 seems too easy. Warriors were in second gear it felt like in Game 1. I think they have another level to go up. The Rockets just don’t have the perimeter defense to guard Klay and Steph (nobody can guard KD). Ryan Anderson has been cold since his return from injury. Nene is getting minutes for the Rockets and KD was pissed when Kerr took him out when Nene was guarding him. I don’t think James Harden can play much better than he did in Game 1. The refs will most likely be on the Rockets side so the NBA can extend this series, but the Warriors are good enough to overcome that.

Trevor Ariza over 10 points at -108 for 3 units. Ariza was in foul trouble in Game 1 and only played 23 minutes. He still had 8 points. I think with added minutes he gets over this low number. Ariza averaged almost 12 points a game on the season and the Rockets will need his 3 point shooting if they want to win tonight.

Clint Capela over 15 points +106 for 1 unit. The Rockets have to find more ways to get Capela involved against the Warriors small ball lineup if they want to win. Playing Nene does not work. Capela had the best plus/minus for any Houston starter in Game 1 and I think he will get more than 30 minutes tonight.

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