37-28-5 on Soccer since World Cup up 19.11 units

Dortmund/Bayern parlay at -140 for 4 units. Dortmund are now the hottest team in Europe. They haven’t lost since August 7th. Dortmund have not lost at home yet this season. Reus has 4 goals and 2 assists this season, but Dortmund has a lot more attacking players than just him. Sancho has 5 assists for Borussia, while Paco has 3 goals and Larsen has 2. That is without even mentioning the American wonder boy Pulisic.

Bayern need this win. They have not won in 3 straight matches and now face in-form Monchengladbach. Lewandowski, Robben, and Muller will do enough here. Boateng is no longer a world class defender in my opinion, but Munich will win this game.

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