12-7-4 on Hockey this season up 13.16 units

Going back to the SM Liiga in Finland. It has been good to me in waiting for the NHL to start. My friend showed me these Finnish overs a while back and I have been making money ever since. Shoutout to Neal. No overs today, just some leans on the outcomes of the games.

Jukurit pk at +121 for 2 units. Jukurit has more points on the season and a better defense. They had some goalie struggles earlier in the season, but those seemed to have been worked out. Jukurit has lost every game at home this season, I think that changes today against JYP. JYP has lost two in a row.

Vaasan Sport pk at +133 for 2 units. Tappara has less points on more games than Vaasan early in this season. Vaasan has not lost a game in regular time at home all season. Just a hunch on this one.

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